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At Holy Family School we are devoted to making our school move forward to tomorrow. We truly love working with and molding our students to be our future. Our school instills Christian and family values, promotes leadership and accountability, and pushes students towards social and academic excellence. We are humbled to have supporters like you, who believe in us and contribute to quality education. We want all who desire a Catholic education to be blessed with this experience. Your donation helps us provide this gift of excellence to our students. Proverbs 16:16 states, “How much better to get wisdom than gold! To get understanding is preferable to silver.” A gift of Catholic education helps students build a relationship with Jesus and learn true wisdom and understanding; a gift that will last forever. Please consider this gift of education. Holy Family School is not only a place where our students are prepared for further education, we offer a comprehensive curriculum in language, arts, math, and science, but our most important work is helping to prepare our students to be excellent and holy in the world. Our goal is for them to become the most excellent person, living in holiness, that they can be.

Thank you for your generosity and kindness.

Rev. Jeff Core, Pastor, and Sheri Gehring, Principal

“I owe most of what I have accomplished in life to my education and I credit Holy Family School for its key role in teaching me how to study.”

Tom Ledgerwood, Alumni, SAC, Grandparent, Holy Family Parishioner


For Helping Build the Future of Holy Family School

Ackerman, Mark & Laura

Albright, Gene & Becky

Anderson, Patti

Arnzen, Curtis & Jil

Ausman, Lynette

Ausman, Mary

Babino, Leonard & Linda

Bailey, James & Victoria

Bailey, Troy & Kerri

Bashore, Tony & Mona

Baune, Joan

Baerlocher, Tim & Kathy

Bean, Larry & Judy

Beutler, Bill & Michele

Beutler, Molly

Blaydes, RJ & Kerri 

Braun, Russell & Pam

Bricco, Leslie & Sherrie

Broemeling, Gary & Coleen

Broemeling, Daren & Karma

Broenneke, Robert & Cyndra

Brooks, Don

Bunch, Larry & Rose

Buratto, Dr. Greg & Susan

Buscher, James & Carmel Minogue

Cable, Robert & Janet 

Capps, Janell

Clark, Larry & Sang Ae 

Conklin, Clyde & Karen

Cumming, Ron & Janice

David & Janice Lustig Charitable Giving Fund

Davis, Rick & Karen

Di Meo, Nancy

Domaskin, Ray & Sherry

Dougherty, William & Ann

Eggleston, Mark & Melanie

Eggleston, Richard & Betty

Emke, Sharon & Helmut

Entel, Greg & Amanda

Entel, Marvin & Linda

Fales, John & Thelma

Fazzari, John & Rebecca

Flerchinger, Dick  & Shelley

Flerchinger, Ron & Ana Rae

Forner, Vivian

Fraser, Lee & Mary

Funke, Shannon & Meghann

Fuqua, Cheryl & Jack

Gehring, Ryan & Sheri

Gietler, Bill & Loretta

Greene, Victoria

Grove, Deborah

Grow, Shannon

Harvey, Tom & JoAnn

Hay, Lillian

Heintz, Karen & Tim

Heitstuman, Shirley

Heitstuman, Steve

Hoffman, J.D. & Donna

Hoffman , Michael & Teresa

Hoffman, Mary Pat

Howell, Albert & Susie

Hume, Jerry & Sharon

Hunt, Henry & Sharon

James, Michael & Juanita

Jesser, Connie

Jones, Lynn 

Kazda, Linda

Keefer, Mary

Kirpes, Morrie & Sandy

Konen, Geri

Landkammer, Irene 

Landkammer, Wayne & Pat

Ledgerwood, Thomas & Carlyn

Lewis, Karen

Lockhard, Kevin & April 

Lohrmeyer, Robert & Susan

Massaro, David & Patricia

McCabe, Kevin & Hilda 

McDougall, Elva & George

Meyers, Rob & Cari

Mills, Patrick & Maureen

Miraglio, Michael & Carol

Miltenberger, Michael & Dinah 

Moore, Larry & Rhett

Nelson, Larry & Kathy

Nelson, Roger & Verla

Nelson, Carol

Nemeth, Ilona

Newbry, Alison

Nguyen, Minh

Nichols, Dorothy

Nightingale, Cindy

O'Kelley, Bill & Pat

Pecora, Yvonne

Pena, Abundio & Mireya

Piatt, Vivian

Purcell, Steve & Mary Lea

Richardson, Maribeth

Risley, Jane

Root, Rev. Richard

Rosetti, Linda

Ross, Kathleen

Rosenquist, Terry & Karen

Ruddell, Bradley & Deanne

Sandifer, Suzanne 

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Shinn, Brian & Peggy

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Zembas, Philip & Debera

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