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Bridging the Gap Between Education Costs


It is my privilege to write to you today as the Pastor of Holy Family Parish and School, my first such letter on behalf of our school. I am honored and excited to serve in this capacity and look forward to the time that we are together. I am so happy to be working with our principal, Sharon Hunt, in leading Holy Family School to be the best that it can be for our students and community.
We would like to begin by thanking you for your generous support of Holy Family School. It is because of your generosity that we are able to offer the best quality Catholic education to the children of our parish and community. Your contributions help to offer this education to students who might otherwise not be able to afford tuition due to financial hardship. This is especially true for the coming year.

The annual Power of Angels Campaign raises money to help bridge the gap between the cost of educating our students and what families are able to contribute themselves. This annual effort is the one time each year that we reach out to everyone who has a stake in the education of children and that is literally every person. We would like to invite all of our parishioners, school families, friends, faculty, and staff to invest in the Power of Angels Campaign and to help ensure that quality Catholic education is available for any child who seeks it for years to come.

It makes sense to hold the Power of Angels campaign as we celebrate Catholic Schools Week. Holy Family School is a vital ministry of our parish and every one of us has a particular interest in supporting it and promoting the school. Holy Family School is able to offer not just an education for the mind but for the body and soul as well. Our students are nurtured in an atmosphere of encouragement that promotes the virtues of Faith, Hope, Charity. These virtues help to inform the whole person of the child and prepare them not just for academic success but for lives steeped in prayer and service to others. Catholic Schools Week is an excellent time to support your local Catholic school and make a contribution to the Power of Angels Campaign.

Your contribution to the Power of Angels Campaign sends a clear message to our students, “You are important!” It is a message that will resonate throughout their lives and throughout the life of our school. As we move into our centennial year, this campaign is a sign of hope for the next century to come.

Thank you for your generosity and kindness.

Rev. Jeff Core, Pastor, and Sharon Hunt, Principal

"The Power of Angels Campaign goal is to bridge the gap between what it costs to educate a student and what our tuition costs actually are. Your financial gift has an enormous impact on Holy Family School by enabling us to continue our mission of faith formation and academic excellence."


For Helping Build the Future of Holy Family School

Ackerman, Mark & Laura
Arnzen, Curtis & Jil
Ausman, Lynette
Ausman, Mary
Babino, Leonard
Bailey, James & Victoria
Bashore, Anthony
Beck, Allison
Braun, Russ & Pam
Bricco, Leslie
Broemeling, Daren & Karma
Broemeling, Gary & Coleen
Broemmeling, Joseph & Chelsea
Brooks, Don
Buratto, Dr. Greg & Sue
Carlson, Rick & Kathy
Cicrich, Irene
Clark, Larry & Sang Ae
Conklin, Clyde & Karen
Cumming, Robert
Cumming, Ron & Janis

Daughtery, Connie
Davis, Rick & Karen
DiMeo, Nancy
Dougherty, Bill & Ann
Eggleston, Mark & Melanie
Emke, Helmut & Sharon
Entel, Greg & Amanda
Entel, Marv & Linda
Fales, John & Thelma
Flerchinger, Margaret
Fraser, Lee & Mary
Fulton, Mary Ann
Fuqua, James & Cheryl
Gehring, Ryan & Sheri
Gehring, Vic & Shirley

Giardinelli, John & Kerry
Gietler, Bill & Loretta
Godwin, Greg & Valerie
Guertin, Tari
Hay, Charles & Lillian
Heintz, Karen
Hoffman, Mary Pat
Hoffman, Mike & Teresa
Howell, Al & Susie
Hume, Jerry & Sharon
Hunt, Henry & Sharon
James, Mike & Juanita
Kaufman, Clifford & Virginia
Kazda, Jerry & Pat
Kazda, Linda
Keefer, Mary
Kinzer, Marvin
Kirpes, Morrie T.
Knapp, Doug & Deanna
Konen, Geri
Kopel, Norma
Landkammer, Wayne & Irene
Ledgerwood, Tom & Carlyn
Leer, Bob & Stephanie
Lewis, Karen
Lockard, Kevin & April
Lohrmeyer, Rob & Sue
Massaro, Dave & Pat
McCabe, Bernie & Carolyn
McCabe, Kathleen
Miltenberger, Velma
Miraglio, Mike
Moore, Larry & Rhett
Nelson, Roger & Verla
Nemeth, Ilona
Nguyen, Minh

O'Kelley, Bill & Pat
O'Kelley, John
Pecora, Yvonne
Piatt, Vivian
Purcell, Steve & Mary Lea
Purington, Jenny & Ezra
Remacle, Kenneth
Richardson, Maribeth
Robbins, Jerry & Barbara
Root, Rev. Richard
Rosenquist, Terry
Rosenquist, Terry & Karen
Ross, Kathleen
Schlee, Mary
Schmidt, Ken
Schmidt, Tim & Diane
Schneider, Bernard
Servatius, Ray & Carol
Sheppard, Bob & Kelli
Smith, Vernon
Somers, John & Sharon
Spence, Lavonne
Stalnaker, Esther
Stegner, David & Carol
Stiffarm, Sandra
Sullivan, Jack & Regina
Thomas, Arlene
Turner, Mardiese
Turner, Rita C.
Uhlenkott, Dick & Muriel
VanCleave, Bill & Josephine
Wagner, Joseph & Whitney
Weisel, David & Linda
Wiest, Richard
Williams, Scott & Shelley
Wilson, Richard & Marilyn
Wilson, Rod
Zembas, Phil & Debera

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