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Power of Angels Campaign

Bridging the Gap Between Education Costs


As we stand at the midpoint of another remarkable academic year, we extend our deepest gratitude for your unwavering support. Your generosity has allowed us to achieve significant milestones, bridging the gap in tuition costs through our Angel Appeal. We've witnessed the resilience and dedication of our students, and we are confident that, with your continued support, we will build upon the successes of the first half of the year. We invite you to be an integral part of our ongoing journey. Your support remains instrumental in sustaining the essence of our school, where faith, values, and academic excellence are at the center. Together, let us further empower our students to thrive academically and deepen their faith, ensuring a future filled with promise and continued success. Reading through our updates, you'll find yourself immersed in the accomplishments that our school, staff, and students are joyously celebrating. Your continued support moves us forward in our mission to provide an enriching and faith-filled education for our students. Additionally, we have the distinct privilege every week of seeing the entire student body of Holy Family School assembled to pray at our weekly school Mass. For us, one of the most beautiful and inspiring aspects of this gathering each week is to see our older students accompanying and assisting our younger students as they come in and participate in the Mass. We are inspired to see the sharing of faith from class to class and the great care the older students have for the younger. While our primary mission at Holy Family is to provide a quality, Catholic education, these interactions between our students help to grow and nurture our students in their whole selves.

Thank you for your generosity and kindness.

Rev. Jeff Core, Pastor, and Sheri Gehring, Principal

“I owe most of what I have accomplished in life to my education and I credit Holy Family School for its key role in teaching me how to study.”

Tom Ledgerwood, Alumni, SAC, Grandparent, Holy Family Parishioner


For Helping Build the Future of Holy Family School

Ackerman, Mark & Laura

Ausman, Carolyn & Keith

Ausman, Mary

Ausman, Lynette

Babino, Leonard & Linda

Bashore, Tony & Mona

Bean, Judy & Larry

Beutler, Bill & Michele

Blaydes, RJ & Kerri

Bricco, Leslie & Sherrie

Broemeling, Gary & Colleen

Broemeling, Karma & Daren

Brooks, Donald

Burratto, Sue

Cable, Robert & Janet

Carlton, Claire

Cumming, Ronald & Janis

Davis, Karen

Di Meo, Nancy

Eckel, Jessica

Eggleston, Doc & Betty

Eggleston, Mark & Melanie

Emke, Sharon & Helmut

Entel, Marvin & Linda

Entel, Greg & Amanda

Fales, John & Thelma

Forner, Vivian

Fraser, Lee & Mary


Gehring, Ryan & Sheri

Gehring, Vic & Shirley

Gehring Electric

Giardinelli, John & Kerry

Gietler, William & Loretta

Greene, Victoria

Harvey, Thomas & Joann

Heintz, Tim & Karen

Heitstuman, Steve

Hoffman, J.D. & Donna

Howell Family Trust

Hunt, Sharon

Kazda, Linda

Kinzer, Marvin

Kirpes, Morrie

Konen, Geraldine

Lane, Robert & Alyssa

Ledgerwood, Thomas & Carlyn

Lohrmeyer, Rob & Sue

Massaro, David & Patricia

McCabe, Kevin

McDougall, Elva

Nelson, Verla & Roger

Nelson, Carol

Nightingale, Cindy

O'Kelley, John Patrick & Patsy

Osborne, Tim & Janet

Paris, Greg & Cindy

Paris, Danielle

Purington, Jenny & Ezra

Richardson, Maribeth

Robbins, Jerry & Barbara

Root, Rev. Richard Root

Ross, Kathleen

Schmidt, Ken

Schneider, Bernard

Shaw, Monty & Ester

Sheppard, Bob & Kelli

Silvestri, Allison

Smith, Josefina & Terry

Smith, Vernon

Somers, John & Sharon

Spence, LaVonne

Standerfer, Dan & Joan

Stilson, Robert & Patricia

Sullivan, Jack & Regina

Wagner, Joseph & Whitney

Zembas, Phil & Debera

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