Educating the Whole Child

Holy Family School is a private Catholic school located in the Lewis-Clark Valley. Our community at Holy Family School believes that children need to articulate their faith through continuous learning by participation in the educational process.  Our community and programs lend themselves to accomplish these values by educating the whole child—spiritually, intellectually, physically, socially, and emotionally—to enable them to become members of society willing to give of themselves in service to God and community.  It is in the tradition of our founders that we continue to give our students life-long skills.

"Teach them what they need for life.”

Our community shares the responsibility of educating our children with parents who we recognize as the primary educators.  We are a community of professionals dedicated to shaping students by providing both teacher and student-centered learning opportunities. As members of our Catholic society, our students will become socially responsible by demonstrating self-discipline, cooperation, and good citizenship.  Students will gain an appreciation, recognition and respect for the cultural diversity among individuals.



Holy Family School is a faith-filled community dedicated to the moral development of students who live to serve Christ. Our staff and parents strive to educate the whole child in academic excellence, a deep appreciation of the Catholic faith, spiritual growth and nurture socially responsible members of society in a safe learning environment.


Holy Family School looks to the 21st century educating all children in the Catholic faith with a strong emphasis on academics. Holy Family School students will be the link between home and church realizing that learning is a lifelong commitment. Our students will be challenged to use their skills to advance their education while becoming responsible, caring citizens serving their church and community.

"Holy Family School's teachers are knowledgeable and provide a learning environment where students flourish. The students support each other in all aspects of their development. Parents are actively involved in their child's education and support their children's school and staff. The staff is constantly looking for ways to add to this great educational environment and actively seeks input from students and their families."

-Bill Dougherty


The latest technology, which includes a chromebook for each student, SMART boards, document cameras, classroom computers, TVs, online research and online assessments.

Virtual Learning

A partnership with Spokane Virtual Learning, which includes online math and literacy programs, after school technology lab, collaboration with a teacher from Spokane Public School for student monitoring and lesson differentiation.


An arts focus with a strong music program including band and two performances per year, classroom arts instruction, field trips to Valley Art Center, annual all school art lesson with local artists.


A commitment to our community with service projects which include collecting quarters for World Food Day, supporting our elders at a local Catholic assisted living facility by musical performances, visiting during holidays and decorating place mats, food drives, Pennies for Patients, rice bowl collections and altar serving at funeral masses.

Spiritual Life

An active spiritual life is provided throughout the day. Students have opportunities to share prayers at assemblies and within their own classrooms, before lunch, and at the end of the day. Bulletin boards, prayer tables and religious symbols convey our Catholic identity and traditions throughout the school.

Health & Fitness

For students, Health and Fitness is offered every twice weekly. These regular classes and two daily recesses compliment your child’s ability to soar academically. Children have an abundance of energy and need to burn it off throughout the day in order to learn most effectively. Middle school students have the opportunity for fitness as an elective class.

Faith-based Academic Excellence

1002 Chestnut Street; Clarkston, WA 99403  |  (509) 758-6621

Holy Family School is fully accredited by the Western Catholic Educational Association.