Donation Matching

Irene Horrigan Trust

In collaboration with the Irene Horrigan Trust, the Catholic Foundation of Eastern Washington is delighted to introduce the Horrigan Match Endowment program. This initiative aims to support schools in advancing the growth of their endowments, establishing a lasting legacy of ongoing assistance. Robust Catholic School Endowments empower schools to invest in innovative programs, attract top-notch faculty, control tuition growth, maintain campuses, and ensure financial stability. By participating in this program for the 2023-2024 school year Holy Family Catholic School and others have taken a proactive step toward securing a vibrant future for Catholic education. Your active engagement in this program is crucial for its success and will contribute significantly to the sustained support of Catholic schools in Eastern Washington in the coming years. Your support is genuinely appreciated.

Faith-based Academic Excellence

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Holy Family School is fully accredited by the Western Catholic Educational Association.