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Power of Angels Campaign

Bridging the Gap Between Education Costs


Thank you for supporting Holy Family School. Because of gifts like yours, Holy Family School has been able to hire and retain highly qualified staff while granting them access to current technology and educational trends. When you contribute, you help a student whose family is burdened with financial hardship stay at Holy Family School.

Our annual Power of Angels Campaign goal is to raise money to bridge the gap between what it costs to educate a student and what our families are able to contribute.  The Power of Angels Campaign is the one time each year that we reach out to everyone – parishioners, alumni, school families, friends, faculty and staff – to invest in our Parish School.  Your financial gift to the Power of Angels Campaign has an enormous impact on Holy Family School by enabling us to continue our mission of faith formation and academic excellence.

This year we have chosen to link the Power of Angels Campaign with Catholic Schools Week. Holy Family School is such an incredible asset to our ministry by what we can offer to children who study in an environment of faith and love, shaped by the gospel. Catholic Schools Week gives us the opportunity to give a heartfelt word of thanks to our teachers and staff and all who promote and support Catholic schools. In celebration of Catholic Schools Week, please consider a tax-deductible gift to Holy Family School.

Show your power and be an angel! Your participation in the Power of Angels campaign sends a powerful message that you believe in Holy Family; in the school and its educational programs, and in the teachers, staff and clergy who have made it possible for families to have the choice of a faith-filled education and all the opportunities it affords since 1921.

With Heartfelt Thanks,

Rev. Richard A. Root, Pastor, and Sharon Hunt, Principal

P.S. Your gift will help a child in need of tuition assistance attend Holy Family School. What a powerful difference to make!

"The Power of Angels Campaign goal is to bridge the gap between what it costs to educate a student and what our tuition costs actually are. Your financial gift has an enormous impact on Holy Family School by enabling us to continue our mission of faith formation and academic excellence."


For Helping Build the Future of Holy Family School

Mark & Laura Ackerman Family

Ernie & Kathy Aguilar

Mary Ausman

Gene & Becky Albright

Jan & Melyssa Andrews Family

Beverly Appleford

James & Victoria Bailey

Sarah Jo Barton

Agatha Bettendorff

Leslie & Sherrie Bricco

Gary & Coleen Broemeling

Donald Brooks

Greg & Sue Buratto

Irene Cicrich

Larry & Sang Ae Clark

Wes & Sharon Clizer

Larry & Jeanne Coe

Phyllis Cole

Ron & Janis Cumming

Bill & Ann Dougherty

Rich & Shannon Eggleston

Sharon Scully Emke

Greg & Amanda Entel

Thelma Fales

John & Becky Fazzari

Jack & Karrie Fischer

Robert & Barbara Fisher

Barbara Flerchinger

Ron & AnaRae Flerchinger

Vivian Forner

Mary Ann McManuas Fulton

Ryan & Sheri Gehring

Vic & Shirley Gehring

Shannon Grow

Teresa & Mike Hoffman

Bryan & Rachel Hossner

Al & Susie Howell

Sharon Hunt

Carol Ingram

Mike & Juanita James

Connie Vedder Jesser

Joyce Keffer

Geraldine Konen

Wayne & Pat Landkammer

Christine Flores-Ledgerwood

Kevin & April Lockard

Rob & Sue Lohrmeyer

Mike & Rosie Mace

Tony & Jodee Maiorana

Theresa Martin & Family

Kathleen McCabe

Kevin & Hilda McCabe

Kathi Meshishnek

Bill Meyers

Rob & Cari Meyers

Robert & Wanda (Trautman) Michael

Maureen & Pat Mills

Charles Miltenberger

Len & Carol (Scharnhorst) Montague

Carol Nelson

John & Kathy Nelson

Brandon & Amy Ohlson

Pat O'Kelley

Jenny & Ezra Kuther Purington

Doug & Maribeth Richardson

Father Richard Root

Corrie & Linda Rosetti

Kathy Ross

Gordon & Delores Rubenthaler

Michael & Sheri Sargent

Jeralyn Sartwell

Wayne & Keith Sattler

Ken & Isabella Schmidt

Bernard Schneider

Randy & Tammy Servatius

Ray & Carol Servatius

Ron & Sharon Sheahan

Bob & Kelli Sheppard

Leonard Skelton

Paul & Lindsay Skinner

Mary Lou Smith

John & Sharon Somers

LaVonne Spence

Sandy Stiffarm

Patricia & Bob Stilson

Jack & Regina Sullivan

Leo Thivierge

Dick & Muriel Uhlenkott

Ted VanCleave

William & Josephine VanCleave

Alicia (Carlson) Vanderschuere

Pat & Linda Wolf

Nathan & Kari York

Phil & Debera Zembas

2016-2017 Power of Angels Campaign Donors

Faith-based Academic Excellence

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