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Power of Angels Campaign

Bridging the Gap Between Education Costs


Because of your past generosity students at Holy Family Catholic School continue to benefit from abundant opportunities to learn, grow, and excel. It is clear that you understand the importance of encouraging our students and see the value in the character development that is at the core of a Catholic School education. But don’t take my word for it, please read what one grateful student writes:

“I just wanted to take this time to acknowledge the fact that you are the reason I am having all these great experiences. You are the reason I am loving learning so much. You have made it possible for me to attend Holy Family Catholic School. I am looking forward to two more enriching and exciting years.”

You are making a difference in the lives of individual students and your gift helps to provide outstanding academic programs, scholarships, tools for our teachers, a rich community environment, and much more. I am asking you to partner with us again this year as a Power of Angels Supporter. Continued support from loyal donors like you makes a tremendous impact on the day-to-day lives of our students. This year we are investing a portion of your donation in Holy Family School’s Foundation to support future generations.


Thank you for your continued support of our school,

Rev. Richard A. Root, Pastor, and Sharon Hunt, Principal

P.S. Our success depends on your generosity. Together we can achieve the extraordinary. Your contributions to Holy Family Catholic School are more than appreciated - they are life-changing!

"The Power of Angels Campaign goal is to bridge the gap between what it costs to educate a student and what our tuition costs actually are. Your financial gift has an enormous impact on Holy Family School by enabling us to continue our mission of faith formation and academic excellence."


For Helping Build the Future of Holy Family School

Ackerman, Mark & Laura
Aguilar, Ernest & Kathy
Albright, Gene & Becky
Ausman, Mary
Ausman, Lynette
Babino, Leonard Jr. & Linda
Bailey, James & Victoria
Bailey, Troy & Kerri
Bauman-McHargue, Mary
Braun, Russ & Pam
Bricco, Leslie & Sherrie
Broemeling, Gary & Colleen
Broenneke, Robert & Cyndra
Brooks, Don
Buratto, Greg & Sue
Chinchinian, Harry
Cicrich, Irene
Clark,Larry & Sang Ae
Clizer, Wes & Sharon
Cumming, Ron & Janis
Davis, Rick & Karen
DiMeo, Nancy
Dougherty, Ann & Bill
Eggleston, Mark & Melanie
Emke, Sharon
Entel, Greg & Amanda
Entel, Marvin & Linda
Fazzari, Alex
Fazzari, John & Rebecca
Flerchinger, Margaret
Flerchinger, Mark & Denise
Flerchinger, Ron & Ana Rae
Forner, Vivian
Fraser, Justin & Sadie
Fraser, Lee & Mary

Frei, Paul & Shelly
Fuqua, Jack & Cheryl
Gehring, Ryan & Sheri
Gehring, Vic & Shirley
Giardinelli, John & Kerry
Grow, Shannon
Gustavson, Norma
Hartzell, Joyce
Hay, Charles & Lillian
Heintz, Karen
Hoffman, Teresa & Michael
Hossner, Bryan & Rachel
Hossner, Linda
Howell, Albert & Susie
Hudon, Victor & Mary
Hume, Jerry & Sharon
Hunt, Henry & Sharon
James, Mike & Juanita
Johnstone, Sam & Laurie
Keefer, M.
Knapp, Doug & Deanna
Konen, Geri
Kuther, Kathleen
Landkammer, Wayne & Irene
Ledgerwood, Tom & Carlyn
Leer, Christian & Tara
Maiorana, Cathy
Maiorana, Tony & Jodee
Massaro, Dave & Pat
Meyers, Dr William
Mills, Pat & Maureen
Miltenberger, Velma
Morrow, Brady
Nelson, Carol
Nye, Connie

O'Kelley, Bill & Pat
O'Kelley, John & Shirley
Ohlson, Brandon & Amy
Paolini, Rita
Paris, Greg & Cindy
Pena, Isidro & Margarita
Purcell, Steve & Mary
Purington, Jenny & Ezra
Richardson, Doug & Maribeth
Risley, Jane
Root, Rev. Richard
Ross, Kathleen
Rubenthaler, Gordon
Sargent, Michael & Sheri
Schlee, Mary
Schneider, Bernard
Schrempp, Theresa
Servatius, Randy & Tammy
Servatius, Ray & Carol
Sheppard, Bob & Kelli
Somers, John & Sharon
Spence, Lavonne
Stalnaker, Esther
Sullivan, Jack & Regina
Tuschoff, Don
Uhlenkott, Richard & Muriel
Vanover, Ronna
Wagner, Joseph & Whitney
Weber, Jessica
Weisel, David & Linda
Williams, Scott & Shelley
Wilson, Zach & Randi
Zembas, Phil & Debera

2018 Power of Angels Campaign Donors

Faith-based Academic Excellence

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