Magazine & Gift Sale

Our magazine/gift item fundraiser began September 26 and will end October 10, 2017. Fundraising helps the school offset the cost to educate each student. At Holy Family School, we offer fair tuition rates. It costs over $7,000 to educate each student here at HFS. According to the Washington Post, Washington State spends $9,672 on each student in public school. Here at HFS parents/guardians pay $3,600 with families with multiple children getting an additional discount. Our biggest expense is payroll. We have Washington State Certified staff who are eligible to educate in the public schools as well.

Check out a few of our amazing items for sale

The fundraisers allow us to continue to offer low tuition rates and keep highly qualified staff. The following is our list of the school’s fundraisers for the 2017-2018 year:
  • SCRIP/Gift Cards (all year)
  • Magazine and  Gift Sale (September/October)
  • Poinsettia Sale (November)
  • Wine Tasting/Raffle (February)
  • Auction (May 12)
  • Fun Run (June)
  • Wall of Money at the church (July)


The goal for the magazine and gift sale is $25,000. If we reach our goal there will be an all school field trip to the aquatic center. If you have family or friends who want to purchase online, follow these directions:, click shop now, enter our school number 2118594, click next, and choose a student or skip, and happy shopping!